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Early in 2007, The University of Virginia Health Services Foundation set out to build a Long Term Acute Care Hospital on Route 250 West. The site, a prominent location along this Albemarle County Entrance Corridor, presented several constraints but offered an opportunity to the Foundation to cluster unique medical services off-grounds and relieving congested facilities. 

McKee Carson was commissioned to work with a complex team of architects, consultants, engineers, and owners representatives to unify the various parcels and surrounding buildings under a cohesive landscape utilizing native plant palettes and low impact stormwater management strategies. A pedestrian path, along Rt. 250 lies lightly within a proposed landscape of native Piedmont plantings and serves to connect the various parcels with a unified landscape while also providing staff a protected walk from the proposed Sieg Parking Lot to the hospital.

Canopy trees compliment existing Oaks and Sycamores on site. Interspersed under the canopy are a mix of sub-canopy and smaller flowering trees typical of the native growing forest.  Stone walls along the path will serve both to screen the properties and to embed pedestrians in the landscape.  The use of stone walls addresses and extends the vernacular landscape architecture found on existing properties along Rt. 250 -- continuing to link users and passersby to this place. 

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