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Located along the barrier islands between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Brickhouse Neck is not only a beautiful place but also a unique ecosystem.  The property forms a narrow sliver of farm field and salt marsh interspersed with tidal creeks, mud flats, shallow bays and ponds. Brickhouse Neck and its family of barrier islands is a fragile landscape that comprises the longest stretch of coastal wilderness remaining on the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

Beginning in 1969, The Nature Conservancy bought 14 of the islands as the core of the Virginia Coast Reserve in an effort to ward off huge development proposals that would have included marinas, bridges and condos.  McKee Carson's work at Brickhouse Farm is intended to help the Nature Conservancy broaden its protection of this vital ecosystem. Working with our client, we are helping to assure that the land is placed under conservation easement and preserved long into the future.

The project was featured in the April/May 2006 edition of The Virginia Sportsman, "Saving a Spectacular Wilderness: McKee Carson Conserves a Seaside Farm on Virginia's Eastern Shore."

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